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Multiple Access Points

I have just set up 3 Aironet 350 APs, all signals overlap and all APs have the same SSID.All APs are also set up on differant channels (1,6,and 11). I'm also using LEAP. I'm using Compaq iPAQs with the Cisco Aironet 350 PCMCIA cards as the clients.

Everything works great except for roaming. The clients won't roam until they no longer receive keepalives from the AP they originally associated with. By that time the signal has dropped to a point that the customers are seeing a signiticant slow down in their application.

Is there a way to make the clients roam faster to a access point with a better signal?

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Re: Multiple Access Points

Set your RTS and CTS reties lower on both the clients and the APs. Play with it to get a setting that gives you a balance of performance and reliable signal.

If you are running 11.07 or later, use the Carrier Test in the AP Diagnostics menu to make sure you are not getting a lot of noise at each AP. (WARNING - Running the test kicks all of the users off.)

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