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Native VLAN over 1300 bridge

Does the BVI interface work on the native VLAN or always on VLAN1 on a 1300 bridge? If I set a VLAN other than VLAN1 for native will that move the BVI to that VLAN?

Also, does the native vlan have to match at both ends or does it only have local significance? If I had a point to multipoint bridge link, could one remote bridge be set for a different native vlan than another remote bridge?

I have a bridge link that carries two data vlan's and a voice vlan. At the remote end I only have a phone connected to the bridge directly and have configured the phone to be on the correct voice vlan but I need the computer to access a vlan other than the native. I know I cannot configure the phone to have the PC use the proper vlan as it just uses what the bridge tells it is the native.

All network equipment is managed in the vlan1, the native vlan, and user data is on another vlan.



Re: Native VLAN over 1300 bridge

You cannot configure multiple VLANs on repeater access points. Repeater access points support only the native VLAN.

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Re: Native VLAN over 1300 bridge

These are not repeater access points, they are point to point bridge links.

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