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NCS Block/Limit Alarms?

I am stumped on this one.  Our campus is switching over to NCS from WCS.  The system is great overall but I cannot find a method to reduce alarms.  If I have an AP I use for testing, and then disconnect it - I will get alerts every 30 minutes pretty much no matter what I do short of deleting the AP.  I don't want to reduce "disassociated" AP alarm to the point that I don't get critical alarms.  Also I have tried placing this "test" AP in a maintenance state, but I still seem to get alarms on it...any other ideas?  Preferably I would like to just reduce alarm time from 30 minutes to a longer time period, or block alarms totally on certain items. 

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NCS Block/Limit Alarms?

Have you checked the alarm options ? You can change the severity of each type of alarm and reoccurence time, etc ...

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NCS Block/Limit Alarms?

I see two place to configure alarms


Can Aknowledge, Assign, etc.  Can enable or disable email alerts

Administration-->Settings-->Severity Configuration.  Can change severity level for various alarms.

I have not been able to find anywhere to change re-occurence time.  I would like to get the alerts that I am getting - but maybe every say 120 minutes instead of every 30 minutes...



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