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Need Advice on why Cisco Wireless is better than other Wireless Product

Im all for Cisco Wireless product I use to work with Cisco routers and other Cisco stuff. Im really new to Cisco wireless equipments but I think it is the best wireless equipments so far.

OK, I just say so because of my previous experience with other Cisco equipments. I need someone to tell me why Cisco Wireless equipments is better than other wireless brands like Planet, Z-Com etc.

I really need this as I want to stanadardise wireless installtion to all use cisco. May be there are some other features (security) on Cisco that is not on other brands or not specified in the IEEE 802.11 standard.

Hope someone enlighten me on this


Cisco Employee

Re: Need Advice on why Cisco Wireless is better than other Wirel

Well you hit it on the head with the security features

This link has lotsdetail on security inculding industry reviews from 3rd party sources

Here are some other 3rd party reviews that should help you,4149,5511,00.asp

And some help to work out your return on investment to build that business case

New Member

Re: Need Advice on why Cisco Wireless is better than other Wirel

I have to add in here reliability. I installed a 340 series AP over 2 yrs ago and 10 PC's with the 340 series cards. I have not had 1 trouble call for problems with either the AP or the NICS. In fact sometimes I forget it is even part of my network. These PC's are used every day for class lab experiments and are rolled around between floors.

Since then I have installed 350 series and the 1220 series and have had no problems. That to me is one of the major reasons I buy Cisco. I would rather be at home on nights and weekends then at work fixing problems.

As far as security goes, if you read most of the papers out there on who is hekping develop security protocols for wireless networks, you always see Cisco's name as a major player.

Support is another reason. You have these great forums where you can ask questions of others or search for answers already given. Most of the time the problem you are might run into is already answered here. Their documention lacks in some parts, but the answers are usually easy to find. I haven't had to replace any of my AP's yet, but I would assume the same turn around time I get for my other equipment would apply to these.

I know sometimes it is hard to justify the added costs for purchasing Cisco equipment to others, but then again, I don't have to explain why their PC can't connect to the just does.......reliability


Don Hickey

New Member

Re: Need Advice on why Cisco Wireless is better than other Wirel

Thanks for the reply. I think I will have to do more reading on that links that was posted earlier and with this reply, I think it is very helpful.

In fact I will try and write out our own standard of wireless which I will base it on Cisco wireless because of my previous experience with Cisco equipments and also to convince my boss for the purchase of Cisco wireless in future purchase.

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