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Need help designing a system

I need help. We are trying yo impliment a wireless pick and ship system in our Distribution wherehouse. The system has been purchased and installed, but we are affraid to connect it to our network due to security concerns. The system is SYMBOL brand PDT7500s and their Access points. We have a number of Cisco brand components in our wirecloset. They are the Catalyst 2948, 2980g, and 3640 router. I have a VISIO drawing of the system that I would love to share with you but not the rest of the world.


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Re: Need help designing a system

Steps to take:

1. Use the SSIDs, MAC filters and 128-bit WEP keys on all devices - preferably with LEAP to rotate keys as often as possible.

2. Create a new, isolated VLAN with a separate IP subnet. All APs will connect to the new VLAN only. Use static addresses for the APs.

3. Connect the isolated VLAN/subnet through a firewall to the rest of the network. This will allow you to set separate policies.

4. Install a network management package, and possible an Intrusion Detection System to monitor traffic on the new VLAN/subnet and the firewall port.

5. If the end-user devices allow it, add a VPN.

Matthew Wheeler

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