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need help for best range and throughput ideas on 1200 AP

We are having issues with our AP deployment and was wondering if there is a way to increase the range and throughput without moving the AP's around. ALl of the AP's run in "mixed" mode so they support both the B and G standard. I though I read somewhere that if I were to make it just G the range would be better. We have all G wireless cards so I can do this. Also what are the differnet transmit powers that are listed?

CCK, OFDM, Limit Client Power?

Also would removing the option to use Cisco Client Extensions help? We do not use Cisco Cards. A lot of our stations are goign to ap's that they shouldn't be and get a lower signal strenght. How do wireless cards determine what AP they jump to? I know there are a lot of questions, but this can clear up a lot for me. Thank you!


Re: need help for best range and throughput ideas on 1200 AP

Usually you can tailor your antennas to the coverage pattern you need. AP placement, antennas, and power level are best determined pre-install by a good, comprehensive site survey.

It may be possible to change your antennas to higher gain types (i.e., 180 degree patch or sector antennas instead of Omnidirectional rubber ducks).

Be advised though that changing to higher gain antennas will also change their coverage pattern; you might reach farther in one direction but less in another. Each antenna should have a chart that describes the side profile and overhead profile of the radiation pattern.

Running in mixed mode (b & g) will reduce your throughput, but it shouldn't affect your range. The brief version is that it takes time to switch modes, and the AP has to notify clients on one protocol that there's activity happening on the other protocol ... it all takes time & bandwidth.

Both are the same frequencies and have the same basic coverage.

CCX (Cisco Client Extensions) should not affect your client's range or throughput; they are extensions - if you don't use them, they are pretty much ignored.

Each vendor has there own "formula" for when to roam to the next AP. Some vendors use Inter Access Point Protocol (IAPP) to communicate between the old AP and the new AP so the handoff happens in a coordinated fashion. Using a single vendor for all of your APs (at least in the same / adjacent neighborhood) increases your chances of a smooth handoff.

Good Luck


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Re: need help for best range and throughput ideas on 1200 AP

Hi Ken,

Scott has given you a great answer as he always does! I thought I might send you some docs that might help you improve on the problems you described. There is some good information here;

Cisco Aironet Antennas and Accessories

Cisco Aironet Antenna Reference Guide

From this good document;

WLAN Radio Coverage Area Extension Methods

Cisco Aironet Access Point FAQ

Wireless Site Survey FAQ

Hope this helps!


Let us know how you make out.

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