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Needing a Cisco Switch

I need to find the right model number to fit this need...

- The client wants a (Cisco Catalyst 3560) with 24PS EMI switch, 24 ports, EN, Fast EN, 10Base-T,100Base-TX + 4 X SFP (empty), 1U, PoE, rack-mountable -

We'll be using the Cisco 1252 with both 2.4 and 5Ghz radios. With both radios operating, the AP requires 18w of power rather than 15.4w which is what I'm finding on most. I've even looked at the 3750 series.

Please help me find a switch within a budget that wont cause me to ask Congress for some of the stimulus money .........LOL

Thanks, Lonny

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Re: Needing a Cisco Switch

I would refrain from using the 1252's as Cisco is coming out with 802.11N AP's that do not require 18W of power. In the meantime, the 3750-E would be your best best.

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Re: Needing a Cisco Switch

Does it address my needs of PoE at 18w per port though?

And tell me more about this new 11n AP that is coming out. Does it still incorporate the 2.4 and 5Ghz radios? What is the model number of this AP?




Re: Needing a Cisco Switch

Lonny, the new Cisco AP is 1142 it is A,B,G and N Part Number AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9

It will run full power with standard 802.3af power

You will have to run 5.2 code on your controller to support this ap.

If you are looking at the 1252 ap's you can purchase power injectors and then use a non POE switch. I have deployed this way before and with power injectors you can run full power with both radios.

Hope this helps

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Re: Needing a Cisco Switch

I thought A,B, and G made up the N technology. I guess not huh? I thought the 1252 was just that.

The client asked specifically for the 1252. I know the 802.3at is suppose to support up to 30w of power per port, but it's not out right now.

We use the Power Injectors currently with the 1252's on a different project. They work great and nice new design. That might end up being our only option.

Thanks Greg,



Re: Needing a Cisco Switch

Lonny I have a great pdf on understanding N technology shoot me an email offline.

N technology bundles 2 20Mhz channels to form a 40 Mhz so using th 5 Ghz only makes sense sense you have more non overlapping channels in the 5ghz range.

here is also a good document:

Also if you are not worried about the higher data rates you can deploy the 1252 Ap's on a standard poe switch and it works fine.

I have not used the 1142 personally yet I cant wait to have a deployment with them to test them out.

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