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Network Setup for a 1242G LWAPP config for with Bridge

Hi all,

I'm trying to find solution for mobile vehicle. The base wifi system is lwapp with controller and AP.

I was thinking to make bridge between LWAPP AP's and Autonomous AP on the mobile vehicle with client behind the AP, but now the vehicle will have 3 clients so I will have to put something behinds so I will have to put switch behind

does that solution seels good or does I need to choose wifi router ?

according to me keep an Autonomous AP was good idea.

is it possible to make the AP works with PEAP and other high level security like EAP-TLS and more ?

thanks in advance

hope you will tell me your opinion


Community Member

Re: Network Setup for a 1242G LWAPP config for with Bridge

Matt this should be pretty simple to do. You said that your base wifi system is controller based with LWAPP AP's correct?

Assuming you already have PEAP in your current operation, all you would need to do is take your Autonomous AP and make it a WGB. From there you could plug in any switch that you wanted for you 3 clients. If you need help with configurations let me know and I will help you out.

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