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New 3602 APs w/ac modules added and New laptops w/ac compatible deployment connection problems.


Our school district recently added over 600 new APs.  I believe they are 3602s with ac modules.  At the same time, we upgraded many teacher laptops with Dell e5440 with ac wireless adapters.  It seems like random APs do not allow to connect to a certain ssid that is pushed out via policy.  It seems like it has to do with the ac radio freq.  We look in prime and it will show that the ac radio of that AP gave a threshold exceeded alarm and only that one laptop that was associated with it.  If we walk away from the AP in their classroom it will eventually connect seamlessly to another AP just fine.  That one AP that the ac frequency got an alarm on will not allow any other teachers to connect to other APs until I shut that one AP off in the same radius of like 3/4 classrooms  Then everyone will connect to neighboring APs.  I did some troubleshooting, and on the laptop that could not connect, I changed the preferred band on the wifi adapter advanced properties to "prefer 2.4GHz" rather than "no preference" and it connects quickly.  It's like some APs go into that threshold alarm state and it keeps people from connecting to it and neighboring APs.  It is not until the AP is shut off that it will allow others to connect to random neighboring APs.  All neighboring APs are on same controller and run same code.  Same configs. 


Everyone running wireless N laptops run perfectly fine and connect great.  The ac threshold alarm it gives I believe makes it think that the number of clients exceeded, but only that one laptop was trying to connect ac, and maybe a couple other already connected N clients. 

We are currently awaiting a "cisco wireless expert" to be showing up for assistance and he should be coming at the end of the week. 

Is there any settings on the controller or maybe point of reference we can further troubleshoot to get our ac laptop clients running smooth?   Our only option right now is to shut down that conflicting AP or changing the clients prefered band to 2.4.




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