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New Antenna

Hi guys we thinking of buying a Cisco 5.5 dBi 2.4Ghz and 6.0 dBi 5GHz Dual Band Wall-mount Patch Antenna to try to increase the signal strength to reach the other side of our office.

What changes do I have to make to the router to tell it we are using a higher db antenna antenna and do I remove both old antennas and just connect this one?

Any suggestions for increasing the range of our wireless besides new antennas are welcomed.

Thank you


Re: New Antenna

You can just swap the new antenna in. You should power off the AP before the swap, and follow anti-static handling procedures.

If you are using a monitoring / management software system, you should edit the antenna parameters so you get the right heat maps and coverage diagrams.

From a pure hardware standpoint, the transceiver is seeing the same load in either case.

Good Luck


New Member

Re: New Antenna

I think you need to tweak the configuration of AP itself.

There is an option called "allow external antenna" and a field for giving dBm measurements near it. It will adjust slot times, i guess, so your WLAN will function properly. Can't remember the exact location of this configuration in web-interface, and can't get to CLI to investigate which command launches it.

And yeah, you have to remove both antennae.

About other ways to expand range.. try breaking some walls))

New Member

Re: New Antenna

Thank you guys

This is an 1811 Router so I will try to find the commands online.

I should be gettting the antenna soon and will also try breaking some walls too :)

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