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New AP1262N-A-K9 does not see 5508 controller

I just received three AP1262's from Cisco, to replaced my broken AP1262's which were under the limited life time warranty. I hooked them up to my network and they are receiving DHCP addresses but the AP's are not connecting to the controller(s). I have two 5508 controllers running software version I noticed the AP's are running IOS 15.2(2)JB2. In the past, the AP1262 I have received have been running IOS 12.4(25e)JA1. According to Cisco's compatibility matrix, IOS 15.2(2)JB2 needs the controllers to have software version Is there a way to downgrade the AP1262's from 15.2(2)JB2 to 12.4(25e)JA1, without a service contract tied to my Cisco account?

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Re: New AP1262N-A-K9 does not see 5508 controller

The AP will pull their code from the WLC when they join. What is the exact version of code the AP have on them? They need to be running a k9w8 version to be able to join the WLC. If they are running k9w7, you'll need to convert them to lightweight first.


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Re: New AP1262N-A-K9 does not see 5508 controller

Hi Chris,

Post your AP console output when it is booting & trying to register to your WLC. This will help us to advise you what's the issue.

As Steve said, if it has come with Autonomous Image (K9W7) then you have to load a recovery image prior to register it to a WLC. Below post will help you on that regards



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New AP1262N-A-K9 does not see 5508 controller

HI Chris,

Please check the Image on AP(It must be Ligiweight IOS) and update accordingly.

k9w7 - autonomous (or "site survey") IOS

k9w8 - full lightweight IOS (this is what is bundled in the WLC .aes image, and is factory installed on "mesh" APs)

rcvk9w8 - lightweight recovery image - this is factory installed on lightweight APs, unless a "mesh" image is specified; it lacks radio firmware

If u still ahve problems then please paster the output of these commands:

WLC: sh sysinfo

AP: sh inventory


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New AP1262N-A-K9 does not see 5508 controller

Can you please post the following outputs:

1.  WLC:  sh sysyinfo;

2.  WLC:  sh time;

3.  AP:  sh version; and

4.  AP:  sh inventory

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