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New Member

Newbie help with Aironet 1200 access point

Hello everybody,

We "inherited" an Aironet 1200 access point with antenna's throughout our building. This was installed by a company that thought they would make money selling Wi-Fi access but now they have gone bankrupt.

We eliminated their router and installed one of our own, and we have it handing out IP addresses. When I plug it into the Aironet 1200 it works just fine. Users are able to connect wirelessly and access the internet.

I would like to change the SSID however so that it no longer reflects the now defunct companies name.

I cannot determine what IP address is assigned to the access point so I can't figure out how to access the management page.

I tried connecting to the ethernet port via a DB9 to RJ45 cable and hyper terminal. After connecting the cable and powering up the access point I am still unable to connect.

I realize once I get connected I will probably run into password issues, but I'd like to figure out how to get at least that far.

Any ideas?


Re: Newbie help with Aironet 1200 access point

Is the aironet connected to a Cisco device? If so "show cdp neighbours detail" assuming that CDP is enabled on the AP, it most likely is.

Re: Newbie help with Aironet 1200 access point

since ur gonna change the ssid and there is a password...

1. reset the ap. before plugging power to ap, press hold the mode button for 3 sec or until the led becomes orange or amber, then release.

2. the ap is reset to default setting with ip address

3. either console or gui the ap and change the bvi to ur preferred ip address.

4. configure everything else as you want.

New Member

Re: Newbie help with Aironet 1200 access point

Thank you very much! That solved the problem. I got right in using default uid and password and was able to change the SSID.

Thanks again!

Re: Newbie help with Aironet 1200 access point

Glad to help!!!

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