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No Broadcast SSID on certain AP

WLC 4404 APs1142

I have an AP that I dont want to broadcast our SSID but I do want it their. I want it to broadcast only our guest SSID. I have both in a AP group and can see both but is it possible to disable the broadcast for our SSID but not our guest SSID?


Re: No Broadcast SSID on certain AP

Sure, you want to use WLAN override. This allows you to configure which SSID's will be broadcast on an AP.

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Re: No Broadcast SSID on certain AP

I am on version 6.0 I thought override was removed in ver 5. Isnt WLAN override for with SSID are accessible. I want both to accessible but i dont want the one broadcasting


Re: No Broadcast SSID on certain AP

No, WLAN override wasn't removed. It was combined with AP Groups. The AP will only broadcast the WLAN that belong the the AP group its configured to use.

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Re: No Broadcast SSID on certain AP

Hi Pedro,

I believe you are confusing yourself with the 4404-100. WLC4402-25 can support up to 25 APs. You can't go more than that.

For the 4404-100, uplink port has a limit of 48(I think) APs. So if you assign one AP Manager IP address to each uplink port, theoretically, you can support almost up to 200 APs.

Hope this helps.

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