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No internal Interface for Corp Wireless?

I have been trying to create a Guest WLan on my 4402 WLC system and have found several confilcting documents explaining the procedure. During this process I have notices that although the current corp wireless works, there was never a virtual interface created for it. Instead it uses the same Wlan/Vlan as the ap manager and managemnt interfaces. Could this by why I cant seem to get the Guest access working? or is this not a problem after all since the wireless does work.

Any advice would be appreciated, would love to take a class or something on this, good stuff but there seems to be alot to it.

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No internal Interface for Corp Wireless?

Hello Robert,

It is OK to use the management interface as your internal wireless network interface as long as you are OK with that design (clients and management in the same subnet).

Basically, if you want to put WLAN traffic in a different WIRED vlan, you create a dynamic interface for the desired VLAN (controller > interfaces) and then select the desired interface under the WLAN configuration.

On the switch side, you will need to make sure that these new vlans are being trunked to the WLC.

The following diagram explains the interface usage on the WLC platform:


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