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New Member

No IOS Image File

Please help. I have a 1200 AP and encountered 'no cisco ios image file'. I can console the AP but the ethernet failed to initialize so i cannot be able to reload the IOS. Please advise on my next's the message:

ap: ether_init

Initializing ethernet port 0...

Reset ethernet port 0...

Reset done!

ERROR: fail to bring ethernet link up


New Member

Re: No IOS Image File

Using the CLI

Follow the steps below to reload the wireless device image using the CLI. When the wireless device

begins to boot, you interrupt the boot process and use boot loader commands to load an image from a

TFTP server to replace the image in the wireless device.

Note Your wireless device configuration is not changed when using the CLI to reload the image file.

Step 1 Open the CLI using a Telnet session or a connection to the wireless device console port.

Step 2 Reboot the wireless device by removing power and reapplying power.

Step 3 Let the wireless device boot until it begins to inflate the image. When you see these lines on the CLI,

press Esc:

Loading "flash:/c350-k9w7-mx.v122_13_ja.20031010/c350-k9w7-mx.v122_13_ja.20031010"


Step 4 When the ap: command prompt appears, enter the set command to assign an IP address, subnet mask,

and default gateway to the wireless device.

Note You must use upper-case characters when you enter the IP-ADDR, NETMASK, and

DEFAULT_ROUTER options with the set command.

Your entries might look like this example:

ap: set IP_ADDR

ap: set NETMASK



Cisco IOS Software Configuration Guide for Cisco Aironet Access Points


Chapter 21 Troubleshooting

Reloading the Access Point Image

Step 5 Enter the tftp_init command to prepare the wireless device for TFTP.

ap: tftp_init

Step 6 Enter the tar command to load and inflate the new image from your TFTP server. The command must include this information:

? the -xtract option, which inflates the image when it is loaded

? the IP address of your TFTP server

? the directory on the TFTP server that contains the image

? the name of the image

? the destination for the image (the wireless device Flash)

Your entry might look like this example:

ap: tar -xtract tftp:// flash:



Step 7 When the display becomes full, the CLI pauses and displays --MORE--. Press the spacebar to continue.

extracting info (229 bytes)

c350-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1/ (directory) 0 (bytes)

c350-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1/html/ (directory) 0 (bytes)

c350-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1/html/level1/ (directory) 0 (bytes)

extracting c350-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1/html/level1/appsui.js (558 bytes)

extracting c350-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1/html/level1/back.htm (205 bytes)

extracting c350-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1/html/level1/cookies.js (5027 bytes).

extracting c350-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1/html/level1/forms.js (15704 bytes)...

extracting c350-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1/html/level1/images/apps_button_last.gif (386 bytes)

extracting c350-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1/html/level1/images/apps_button_last_filler.gif (327bytes)

-- MORE --

Note If you do not press the spacebar to continue, the process eventually times out and the wireless

device stops inflating the image.

Step 8 : power cycle the ap.

Step 8 Enter the set BOOT command to designate the new image as the image that the wireless device uses

when it reboots. The wireless device creates a directory for the image that has the same name as the

image, and you must include the directory in the command. Your entry might look like this example:

ap: set BOOT flash:/c350-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1/c350-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1

Step 9 Enter the set command to check your bootloader entries.

ap: set




Cisco IOS Software Configuration Guide for Cisco Aironet Access Points


Chapter 21 Troubleshooting

Reloading the Access Point Image



Step 10 Enter the boot command to reboot the wireless device. When the wireless device reboots, it loads the new image.

ap: boot

New Member

Re: No IOS Image File

I did this stuff before, how i can transfer the new image file via tftp when my AP cannot initialize the ethernet port. I connected my AP thru console and straight CAT-5 cable going to my laptop's ethernet port, the status of my network connection is "unplugged", there is no light on the ethernet port of my AP..

please advise. thanks anyway..

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