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No Ping Response

I have a 4402 WLC. There are 2 WLAN's configured. 1 is a guest wireless lan, the other a private wireless.

The guest wireless lan is wide open SSID is broadcasted. No client authentication is required. DHCP is used.

When I try to ping from within the guest WLAN from one wireless client to another wireless client within the same ip subnet, i get no response.


I am trying to set-up a wireless print-server in this WLAN. I power on the print server, print a test page, acquire a DHCP ip address for the guest WLAN, but can not ping the ip address from a wireles laptop from the same guest WLAN.


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Re: No Ping Response

I just setup a very similar configuration. I am having a weird ping problem of my own right now, but I may be able to help you.

1) Can you ping a wireless host with the controller?

2) Can you ping the controller with a host?

3) For your guest VLAN you had to setup a gateway address for that network. Did you create it? (should be on a router somewhere). If so can you ping that?

4) Is this problem isolated to your guest WLAN only? Does your private WLAN work correctly?


Re: No Ping Response

Find the option for "PSPF" - Public Secure Packet Forwarding and turn it off.

PSPF is a security feature to prevent (for example) a bad guy from hacking into another patron's computer at a local hotspot.

It will not allow a wireless client to access another wireless client on the same AP.

Good Luck


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