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Non-root bridges associating with each other.

We have a point to multi-point bridge setup with 3 BR1310s. One is set to be a root bridge and the other two are set to be non-root bridges. From past experience (not to mention Cisco documentation) I would expect the 2 non-roots to associate to the root. What is happening is that one of the non-roots associates with the root and the other non-root associates with the first non-root. The good bit is that everything still works, the puzzling bit is why this is happening, the bridges are physically in a V pattern so there's no reason for the second non-root to behave as it is, even if we force it off the first non-root it just jumps right back in there again. Bridges are all running 12.3.4-JA.

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Re: Non-root bridges associating with each other.

Can you post the configuration of the two non-root bridges.?

Re: Non-root bridges associating with each other.

Configurations of both non-root bridges attached. I've just found out that the customer has mounted the second non-root bridge in such a way that there is probably no line of site to the root bridge (failing to follow clear instructions!) which explains why we can't get it to associate with the root bridge but doesn't explain how it can associate with the other non-root. The only thing I can think of is that both are "non-root with clients" and the second bridge is being accepted as a client rather than a bridge.

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