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not able to access AP on 802.1b & g from Client supporting only 802.1b

i have installed Cisco 1100 series 802.1b/g access points from the client side who are having 802.1b crad are not able to access the access point get a message saying access point not configured for 802.1g

What could be the pblm any extra seeting req. to be configured at client side or AP side


Re: not able to access AP on 802.1b & g from Client supporting o

This can happen if the data rates are configured incorrectly. On the 802.11g radio, the default option sets rates 1, 2, 5.5, and 11 to basic, and rates 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 54 to enabled. These rate settings allow both 802.11b and 802.11g client devices to associate to the wireless device's 802.11g radio. Configure the AP data rates as mentioned above. 802.11b clients and 802.11g clients will connect the AP. For more information on how to configure Radio data rates read the document available at

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Re: not able to access AP on 802.1b & g from Client supporting o

Hi Hitesh,

The Cisco Aironet 1100 Series supports a single radio and is available in an IEEE 802.11g version or IEEE 802.11b version. The IEEE 802.11b version is field upgradable to 802.11g.

So, I assume that you possess the 802.11 G radio currently installed in the 1100 series AP either directly purchased with it or field upgraded to G Radio from B Radio.

The error that your clients receive is:

access point not configured for 802.1g

Now, to resolve this issue; please go through the following checks:

1] Are all clients getting the same error or just some of them ?

If it's all of them then go to the web interface of the AP and check the radio settings page. Check if the radio is enabled and states 802.11 G status up on this page.

2] Change the data rates to basic for all options, and later on you can change them as per your requirements once the setup starts working initially.

3] Check the preamble option and cange it to long if it's short i.e. if the client adapters are non-cisco.

4] Try disabling the Aironet Extensions for non-cisco client adapters and enable them if you are using cisco client apdapters.

5] Finally check the configuration on the client-side for ssid, & security and ensure that it matches that of the acess points' security configuration.

If the issue persists,

6] Reset the AP to factory defaults & reconfigure it

These steps should resolve this issue.

Lemme know if you still face any issues. I'd also suggest you to take a look at the logs and find out if the access point is receiving connection requestes from the client adapters or not.

Thanks & Regards,

Karthik narasimhan

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