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# of user connect to AP 1240

Dear all,

Is there any limitation on the # of user connect to one AP 1240?

Besides, can I use the cisco aironet site survey utility without the cisco adaptor card?




Re: # of user connect to AP 1240

I am not sure of a physical ilmitation of the 1240 APs, but there are practical limitations. Generally we recommend 20-30 users max per AP, depending on usage. I have some 1131s (almost identical components) that have been hitting over 50 users, but when they are all active it is pretty slow for the users. Since most are usually idle, we have been able to squeak by until getting more APs in place.

As for Aironet Site Survey utility, I am pretty sure it only works with Cisco cards. You will probably have to look at third party software if the tools that come with your card aren't enough.


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Re: # of user connect to AP 1240


As such there is no limitation on the # of users on the AP. However as mentioned by Eric, there are some physical constrains which are going to limit the # of users per AP.

If you are using G radio [54 Mbps]wireless being a shared medium, this bandwidth is going to be shared between all the users associated to the AP. Now the actual throughput will get reduced to 20 - 22 Mbps in physical deployment. Thus you have a bandwidth of 22 Mbps shared amoung all the users associate with the AP.

Since its a shared medium you can't have a dedicated bandwidth allocated to each user. However 20 - 30 clients are recommended per AP, that too is subjected to the bandwidth usage.

The site survey utility available with ACU will only work with Cisco Client adapters.

All the best!



Re: # of user connect to AP 1240

I remember reading a Cisco document (the SRND for WLANs?) recommended upper limit of 30 clients per AP (at least for an AP in autonomous mode - I think that running LWAPP would not necessarily suggest a change). However, I have also been told (from other comments within the forum indicate as well as "unofficially" by different engineers at Cisco) that the APs can support "significantly larger" numbers of clients than that.

However, you will probably find that, as Sushil points out earlier, that the biggest consideration is the bandwidth required by the application.

For example, a low bandwidth application such as barcoding will require much less bandwidth than someone trying to send AutoCAD files (a bad idea for wireless to begin with).

Also, for wireless phones, the number of clients per AP is going to be somewhere around six.

I have read a number of comments where designers try to shoot for around no more than 15 clients as a generic rule of thumb for optimal performance - but this may not be practical in all instances. For example, an area of high user density (such as a lecture hall) may call for adjustments to this approach.

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Re: # of user connect to AP 1240


According to the Cisco Aironet Access Point FAQ (Document ID: 8103)

Q. How many clients can associate to the AP?

A. The AP has the physical capacity to handle 2048 MAC addresses. However, because the AP is a shared medium and acts as a wireless hub, the performance of each user decreases as the number of users increases on an individual AP. Ideally, not more than 24 clients should associate with the AP because the throughput of the AP is reduced with each client that associates to the AP.

- Ryan


Re: # of user connect to AP 1240

There's no hard limitation but Cisco recommends 15-20 max.

You need the cisco card to run the utility.

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