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Omni vs patch antenna

The wireless diagrams with the antenna documentation is confusing. It left me with the following questions:

1. If you were using an omni-directional antenna (say AIR-ANT5959, for example) and have the antenna facing down as if it were attached to the ceiling, would an equal amount of signal go directly below and directly above this antenna? In other words, if you mount this thing on the ceiling pointing down how much signal will go through the roof?

2. Same question (1) in the case of a patch antenna.

3. I've looked at the signal diagrams in the following links:

Are there better diagrams somewhere that will show a full 3-dimensional picture of the signal pattern from these antennae?


New Member

Re: Omni vs patch antenna

These antennas were meant to be mounted just as you describe, hanging down from the ceiling. The coverage should not go up into the ceiling very much at all due to the design of the antenna. I have not seen any full 3-D pictures for this.

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