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One way file transfer problems in Windows XP

I am just starting to test wireless connectivity with Windows XP laptops, but am having problems with basic file transfers.

We have been using WLANs with Windows 2000 successfully for 2 years now and have not had any issues with this. What is happening with the XP laptop is that I can map a network drive and copy data from the network to my XP laptop. However, when I try to copy data from the XP laptop to the network drive I receive a file copy error message along with the statement "The specified network name is no longer available." If I look on the network drive I can see a file "stub" where the file transfer has started, but this stub contains no useful information as it is an incomplete file.

If I perform the same exercise but using a "wired" Ethernet connection with the XP laptop it works fine and I can transfer data to/from the network drive.

I am not losing network connectivity at any point, which is proved by checking the Access Point logs and by performing a continual PING in the background - also I am still able to access the network drive after the file transfer has failed. I have tried the drivers that come with XP and also the latest drivers available from the Cisco Web site (350-Windows-XP-Bundle-2), but this does not resolve the issue.

Has anyone else had simillar problems or does anyone have any ideas ?

Many thanks.

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Re: One way file transfer problems in Windows XP

This could be an issue with the driver and firmware for that card. You might try uninstalling the 2. bundle and load the 1. bundle to see if that is the issue. You may want to make sure that your AP has the latest firmware on it as well.

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Re: One way file transfer problems in Windows XP

I have hit this problem just last week. I upgraded a box fromerly running 2000 to XP and saw exactly these errors,"the specified network name is unavailable".

Plugging the box into a switch and hard setting 100/full both ends does NOT fix the problem - It is an XP problem not a wireless one.

Have you installed SP1 on your laptops already ?

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Re: One way file transfer problems in Windows XP

XP SP1 does not fix this and I can reproduce it with both a wireless card and a wired Ethernet card. Looks like an MS thing, I wonder if they've deliberately limited file transfer in XP Pro ?

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