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Optimizing connection between two Aironet 340 Wireless Bridgess

Because of lack of infrastructure and geographical factor, my company is using two Aironet 340 Wireless Bridges to connect to an ISP. I put one on my 25 meters tall steel tower and the other is on the 25th floor of the ISP's building which located separately 3,13 km away. Each of these bridges is wired to an 24 dbi directional antennae.

After I did all the required setup the connection is established, but I don't think it's the optimum capacity these bridges can do. I only got about 53% - 56% signal strength, with quality varies between 42% - 72%, and the maximum speed of 2,25 Mbit/s. Once I did a point to point ftp test, and it took 5 minutes to send an 82 Mbytes file.

Somehow I feel cheated because I don't get all that was said in the brochure (up to 11 Mbit/s and 25 miles long).

What can I do to optimize the performance?

(My company is located in a tropical climate country, does it matter?)


Re: Optimizing connection between two Aironet 340 Wireless Bridg

According to you’ll only get 11 Mbps performance up to 120 meters (with the best antenna). Keep in mind, this is line-of-site so any trees, buildings or other obstructions will dramatically impede your performance. If you had the 350 series, the radios are 3 x stronger at 100 mW so you’d have even greater distance.

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