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Options for wifi point-to-multipoint bridging?

Planning on using 1550 or 1520 series outdoor root mesh APs . Looking for a point-to-multipoint/mobile solution for bridging to a LAN.

We want to build out a mesh network for wireless clients, but also support legacy wired devices in semi-mobile buildings/kiosks etc by bridging to the wireless LAN.

1. use 15x0 as mesh - would work - solution is a little pricy

2. 1310 mesh AP - supported for briding? Interference on 2.4 GHz though

3. 1410 - EoL/EoS,

4. 1240, 1250 - work with indoor mesh, will these associate to outdoor mesh APs? (1520, 1550), long term support? 1260 doesnt mention bridge support

5. MWR 3200 etc - EoL, Use ESR 5900 replacement? Mesh interoperability?

6. IOS 15.1 adds wireless non-root bridge feature to ISR 800, 1800, 2800 routers - will this work with a mesh AP root bridge?

7. third party router/bridge that works with Cisco outdoor mesh?

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Options for wifi point-to-multipoint bridging?

When you speak of MESH, there are only the 15xx (Outdoor) and indoor aps that support mesh.  Not really knowing what you need to cover, and how far are these sites are from one another, makes it tough.  Line of sight helps especially when you are bridigng.

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