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Outdoor wireless


We are planning to implement an outdoor wireless mesh network with 1510 LAP, WLC and WCS. There is also going to be an indoor wireless solution with 1200 AP or 1140 AP.

We cannot afford to have the indoor AP wired to the network, because of the buildings structure.

Is it possible to have indoor AP connect wireless to outdoor Mesh network?

How can this be acheived?

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Re: Outdoor wireless


Have you thought about using internal Mesh access points? The 1242 is designed so taht it can be used as an internal mesh point. I am actually using it and it works well.

Hope this helps


Re: Outdoor wireless

Yes it can be done but the speed of the network would be horrible. Less than dialup modems unless you place a significant number of the 1242s in RAP mode. If youre going to do that then you might as well cable for the APs in the building.

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Re: Outdoor wireless

what other options do I have? Cabling the indoor access points is out of the questions...too expensive

Re: Outdoor wireless

You dont have many options then. The only other option I can think of is to run 1522s outside the building all around it and then a few indoor units spaced out in mesh mode. This wont be cheap either. Are you sure cabling is going to cost that much? Where are you? We have cabled some of the most difficult buildings I have ever seen for much less cost. UK I just looked you up. Is this a historical building or something?

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