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Overlapping ch 1,6,11

I have a large area, approximately 50,000 square feet. I want to use three 802.11b acces points, one on channel 1, one on channel 6 and one on channel 11. The coverage of all three access points overlaps each other in a very large area in the middle of my 50,000 square foot area.

Question # 1:

Will I have a problem with these three APs overlapping each other? I assume I wont because there channels are overlapping. However, I was told it is not good to do this because of high noise floors created by the overlapping coverage area.

Question # 2:

Will I have 33Mbs of throughput where all three APs overlap.

ill I have a problem if use three access points together



Re: Overlapping ch 1,6,11

To decrease the size of the overlap that you describe, you should change the transmit power to a lower level other than the 100mW. If all three access points overlap in the middle, they may cause a small amount of interference but since they are on seperate channels it should be very minimal.

You will only have 11 Mbs max throughput if you only have one client using the network. The 11Mbs is a shared bandwidth and the client has to be a certain number of feet away from the access point with no interference at all. Since the client would only talk with one access point at a time there would never be a chance for 33 Mbs.

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