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PALM with WLC 4400 (Web Auth Portal)

We cannot get the Web Portal splash page to display on wireless Palm units....the site simply hangs. Is there any fixes out there for this problem. Thanks for all replies!!


Re: PALM with WLC 4400 (Web Auth Portal)

Did you try to customize the Web authentication feature on the controller? What is the version of the firmware running on the controller?

Re: PALM with WLC 4400 (Web Auth Portal)

Has anyone else seen this Palm/WebAuth issue or found a fix? I am seeing this on our Palm devices too. Running 4.x code with internal guest auth, laptops work just fine with the redirect, but the Palm just hangs. Could it be the certificate is not valid and the Palm has no way to prompt for that message like a laptop. Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: PALM with WLC 4400 (Web Auth Portal)

Look in bug toolkit for CSCsg38710. I think that bug relates to the issue. If you have an SE, you might want to contact to help push for updates on the bug (technically filed as an enhancement) and DE is looking for help identifying the underlying cause.



Re: PALM with WLC 4400 (Web Auth Portal)

Thanks Ben, that sounds like what I'm seeing. I'll ping our SE and see what happens.

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