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PCI352 embedded LMC352 - any difference?

With the discontinued LMC352 card in short supply, is there any difference between the LMC352 sold standalone and the LMC352 on the PCI352 card? I suspect there isn't, but if someone has already confirmed that I'd appreciate saving my efforts.


Re: PCI352 embedded LMC352 - any difference?

They are different. PCI 352[meant for desktops] -> 802.11b PCI Adapter w/RP-TNC Connector, Dipole Antenna whereas

LMC352 meant for Laptops is 802.11b PC Card w/Dual MMCX Connectors

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Re: PCI352 embedded LMC352 - any difference?

If you examine the PCI352 you will see that it has a PCMCIA 'slot' in which a card labeled LMC352 is inserted. From the LMC352 is a small cable that connects the MMXC of the LMC352 to an RP-TNC connecter on the PCI mounting bracket. The LMC352s appear to be identical, but I've been told that if you remove the LMC352 from the PCI352 it doesn't work.

It seems logical to me that the LMC352 card would be the same whether sold separately or sold embedded in the PCI352. I would understand possibly needing to flash a new image to the card, but otherwise would expect it to be identical.

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