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PDA-HP intermittent association to Lightweight AP

Hi All,

Last week, I tried to test association PDA brand HP to associated to LWAPP AP. Testing with 50 units PDA. only a few number of PDA can get IP addresses then. associated only in 30 seconds, once trying to download/access to internet then get lost association.

Any issue association PDA to Lwapp AP?

Many Thanks


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Re: PDA-HP intermittent association to Lightweight AP

Based on your access point model, you can have configured 8 or 16 simultaneous SSIDs, but as each WLAN/SSID needs separated probe responses, and beaconing, the RF pollution increases as more SSIDs are added. The results are that some smaller wireless stations like PDA, WiFi Phones and barcode scanners cannot cope with a high number of basic SSID (BSSID) information. This results in lockups, reloads or association failures. Also the more SSIDs, the more beaconing needed, so less RF space is available for real data transmits.

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