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PEAP intermittent problem


I am using PEAP with mschapv2 and authentication using ACS with AD.

The client is winXP/SP2. I am using windows configuration to configure the wireless setup in XP.

The client can connect to the network via wireless. But after i disconnect and try to connect again, connection will fail. I couldn't see any logs in the ACS.

THe next day i try to connect again, it worked. After disconnect, it did not work again.

Any one has encountered such problem b4?


Eng Wee

Community Member

Re: PEAP intermittent problem

Don't use Windows wireless configuration. Cisco makes a tool that will work better.

Re: PEAP intermittent problem

Can you give us some more detail?

What sort of messages is the client displaying, and what do you mean by "fail" (no IP address? what?)

What sort of messages are you seeing on the wireless controller or AP?

If everything is working fine for other clients/users (ruling out the wireless network itself), the only time I have seen problems with WZC is due to older wireless card drivers and not applying the wireless client updates from Microsoft ( If you are using an Intel card, driver updates are a must.

Community Member

Re: PEAP intermittent problem

Hi Robert,

thanks for the reply.

At the client, it got stucked at

"Pls wait while windows connect to the EMPLOYEE network, waiting for the network"

At the controller, i turn on debug and could not any related debug message.

When the client is able to connect successfully, i do see debug messages appearing at the controller.


Eng Wee

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