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Planning for High-capacity WLAN

Gentles all,

I am planning to connect a lecture hall in a university with wireless devices. The lecture hall will seat approximately 400 people (ostensibly all will have laptops). I have been told that the average wireless LAN device can only support up to 40 -50 users, and that you cannot have more than 3 WLAN devices in a given area, or it will cause interference. Have I been mis-informed?

I have not reviewed all of Cisco product literature, so if anyone knows where I might be able to find some numbers on capacity planning, etc, I would be very grateful for the assistance. Also, I'd like to hear from anyone who has actually done some "real world" implementation.

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Re: Planning for High-capacity WLAN


You can add more than 400 people to cisco

WLAN products. We set it up in our office and it works fine. Range goes to at least 100 meter radius.


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Re: Planning for High-capacity WLAN

you are pretty much informed that there are only 3 nonoverlapping channels. bandwidth is a concern with too many users on a ap. I personally would think that in a lecture hall the bandwidth would consist of a myrid of emails. so that would not be much bandwidth. with 3 channels you can get quite a few users. also you got to consider that probable less than half the lecture hall with actually use system. Yes I have done a few lecture halls so far.


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Re: Planning for High-capacity WLAN

Performance and capacity can become an issue but you could consider directional antenna's which could limit your coverage area by rows. This would require the installation of a larger number of accesspoints but could insure you have bandwidth for all your participants.

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