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please help: 871w wireless config

I've been working on this using the SDM for a while. I've set up the SSID to broad cast and WPA encryption. However, when I set up the SSID, it forced me to choose and IP address. The IP of my internal network is Hosts connectd to the the wireless cannot communicate with each other. However, they can obtain a DHCP address and communicate with the router. Would someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to fix this? Yes, I am aware of the IOS guide and have been studying it. Thanks in advance. My running config is attached:

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Re: please help: 871w wireless config

OK, there's an update to this. I brought the device back to work today from configuring it at home last night, and now wireless hosts can see each other on the newtork. Not sure why this has occurred. I'm assuming the rest of my config is OK, since the hosts are getting DHCP addresses and are able to communicate. Some kind person on another forum suggested that "ACL 100 is inbound to the router from the internal LAN, and this statement

access-list 100 deny ip host any

is causing the problem I think." I have since permitted this on the access list. Any other help is appreciated, as I'm pretty much a Cisco noob. BTW, when I did the SDM express set up, I checked the box that pre-setup the firewall.

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