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Prime 2.0 Mail Server Configuration


I´am trying to configure mail notifications on Prime Infrastructure 2.0 using a web hosted mail service, but I haven´t had sucess sending the test e-mail, the configuration guides are very simple and it seem not to be so difficult, does anybody kwons how to configure this notifications?

thanks for your help


Prime 2.0 Mail Server Configuration

Configuring Email Settings

You can configure global email parameters for sending emails from Prime Infrastructure reports, alarm notifications, and so on. This mail server page enables you to configure email parameters in one place. The Mail Server page enables you to set the primary and secondary SMTP server host and port, the email address of the sender, and the email addresses of the recipient.

Before You Begin

You must configure the global SMTP server before setting global email parameters.

To configure global email parameters:

Step 1 Choose Administration > System Settings > Mail Server Configuration. The Mail Server Configuration page appears.

Step 2 Enter the hostname of the primary SMTP server.

Step 3 Enter the username of the SMTP server.

Step 4 Provide a password for logging on to the SMTP server and confirm it.

Step 5 Provide the same information for the secondary SMTP server (only if a secondary mail server is available).

Step 6 The From text box in the Sender and Receivers portion of the page is populated with PI@Hostname.domainName. You can change it to a different sender.

Step 7 Enter the email addresses of the recipient in the To text box. The email address you provide serves as the default value for other functional areas, such as alarms or reports. Multiple email addresses can be added and should be separated by commas.

You must indicate the primary SMTP mail server and complete the From address text boxes.

If you want all alarm categories applied to the provided recipient list, select the Apply recipient list to all alarm categories check box.

Step 8 Enter the text that you want to append to the email subject.

Step 9 (Optional) Click the Configure email notification for individual alarm categories link, you can specify the alarm categories and severity levels you want to enable. email notifications are sent when an alarm occurs that matches categories and the severity levels you select.

Step 10 Click the Test button to send a test email using the parameters you configured. The results of the test operation appear on the same page. The test feature checks the connectivity to both primary and secondary mail servers by sending an email with a "Prime Infrastructure test email" subject line.

If the test results are satisfactory, click Save.

Configuring Global SNMP Settings

The SNMP Settings page allows you to configure global SNMP settings from Prime Infrastructure.

Any changes you make on this page affect Prime Infrastructure globally. The changes are saved across restarts as well as across backups and restores.

To configure global SNMP settings, please check below which may be helpful for you in configuration.


Prime 2.0 Mail Server Configuration

You can try to verify that firewall is not blocking your commination and you are giving correct parameters for server setting also very your DNS is correct and reachable.

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