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Prime AP Placement Orentation Issue


Controller = 5508 Release 7.4

AP = 2602E external antenna

AIR-ANT2566P4W-R=/ rectangular shaped directional patch antenna /projects an oval shaped coverage area

     This installation is in a warehouse, ceiling mounted using the APs /antennas mentioned above. This AP / external antenna combination appears to assume a wall mount verses a ceiling mount orientation when being added into Prime. The elevation can be adjusted to get the antenna to point to the floor, presenting an accurate oval shaped coverage area (longer than it is wide) on the floor plan.

This works for most of the ceiling mounted APs/antennas. Here is where the problem comes in. The remaining Ceiling mounted APs/antennas were turned 90 degrees (still facing the floor) to get the oval coverage area to be wider than it is longer on the floor plan.

Prime doesn’t appear to have an option to rotate the antenna 90 degrees (OR DOES IT?). If you were to attempt to use the azimuth setting to adjust for this it does not work because the elevation has been modified to point the antenna to the floor therefore azimuth only adjusts the long portion of the oval coverage area.

Is there a way in Prime to rotate the external antenna to account for the 90 degree turn on the patch antenna?

FYI - understand that this is just a representation the APs coverage area and does not affect the actual coverage. This customer would like to have a better representation of the actual coverage.

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Re: Prime AP Placement Orentation Issue

I don't think you will be able to do that. If the customer wants a real representation of their coverage, a validation survey would be what I would provide.

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