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Prime NCS - custom power level settings not holding - reverts to auto

We have just installed 2x 2504 WLCs, 30 APs and Prime NCS. We have configured several APs to use custom power level. The problem is that after several hours or overnight, the power levels will revert back to automatic. The log does not show any relevant information regarding the power level change.

Example: I add a custom setting to AP01 and AP02 to use power level 3. The next day when I look at NCS the power level will have reverted back to auto setting.

We have used the NCS maps function to import maps and placed APs to the map and pressed 'recompute RF prediction'. Could this somehow be recalculating and changing the setting in the background?

Could this be a bug?

In NCS at Configure > Access Points, the Tx Power Control setting always shows 'Custom'.

Appreciate any help!


Re: Prime NCS - custom power level settings not holding - revert

What's the WLC uptime? It could be the AP is reverting after a reset. Other than that it would probably be a bug.

After you apply the template do a save config to the WLC from the NCS, and see if it sticks.

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Prime NCS - custom power level settings not holding - reverts to

Thanks for replying! What I didn't notice before was that only some APs had the power level template applied successfully, the rest was only 'partiallly successful'. Meaning the change was only temporary and it didn't hold the custom power level. The message below was recieved. What other settings could be in conflict with me trying to set custom power levels?

*** Apply Result for 'Hall1AP01' (MAC:ADDRESS)

**802.11b/g/n Parameters**

Failure: Mediation-1,Attempt to set conflicting attribute value,AP Hall1AP01, Interface 802.11b/g,powerLevel

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