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Print Server and the "Block PSPF" setting

I have a client that insists on using the hp wp 110 wireless print server with our Cisco 1200 APs. We use the block PSPF setting for various reasons. I cannot make his print servers work unless I toggle the PSPF setting in the Associations Advanced setup. Does anyone know of any wireless print server that can work when PSPF block is set to yes?

Cisco Employee

Re: Print Server and the "Block PSPF" setting

It is not a print server but you can use a WGB352 in front of a network printer

Have you tried new firmware on the HP print server ?

When you say you toggle PSPF does that mean you turn it off then back on then it works ? or you turn it off it works you turn it on it stops working

New Member

Re: Print Server and the "Block PSPF" setting

Thanks, Darwin. No new firmware available for the print server. I did consider the wg bridge- but if you can believe it the client would rather not pay for a bridge and wired print server to replace the cheapo hp print server. As for the config- this is my normal and preferred:

Block ALL Inter-Client Communications ("PSPF"): 


By saying "No" I can get the print server to work- but there are enough compelling reasons why I will not go this avenue.


Cisco Employee

Re: Print Server and the "Block PSPF" setting

Hi Lee,

So when PSPF is set to ON does the HP device associate to the AP ??

If yes then the PSPF feature is working.

PSPF set to yes means that the AP will not forward a packet from one client back out the radio interface to another client.

When you set PSPF to no then you are allowing the AP to forward packets from one client to another, or from the client to the print server

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