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Problem with 802.11a/b/g card & 340 AP

Hello I just added a new PC to a wireless network controlled by a Aironet 340 AP. The AP can see the new PC (with a PI21AG PCI card) but the new PC is not an address via the DHCP server on the router. If I manually add an address to this PC I can ping the AP and everything else on the network besides the router. The AP is at and the router is at .1. I upgraded the firmware in the router to AP340v1201T1 but that did not help. All the other computers have 340 and 350 cards and they still work fine. Any help would be appreciated.

New Member

Re: Problem with 802.11a/b/g card & 340 AP

To get a little more specific, I have tried this with the XP wireless manager on and the Cisco stuff off, and vice versa. I suppose the most obvious step is to change 340 AP firmware to 12.04, but I am curious if anyone has seen this already before I make the change. It looks like updating the firmware on the AP will require that I update the firmware/drivers on some, if not all of my other 802.11b clients, so if this fix will not help my new a/b/g client I will avoid it for now.

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