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Problem with Cisco 3250 mobile router WMIC configuration

I have two 3250 mobile routers, and each one has 2 WMICs, 1 MARC and 1 4-port FEMIC. WIC1 seems to be the AP since its FE port connects to the FE0/0 or MARC, and WIC2 seems to be the bridge since its FE0 connects to FEMIC's FE2/3. The IOS version of router is 12.4(2)T3, and IOS version of both WMIC is 12.2(15).

I configured two routers in the following way (similar configuration as the police car example in the 3200 router software configuration guide):

1. Router1's WIC2 (bridge) acts as WGB, and router2's WIC2 (bridge) acts as root bridge.

2. Router2 is the DHCP server also.

3. WIC1 of each router is configured as root AP.

During my testing, the following scenarios happened:

1. WIC2 of both router can successfully associated.

2. Wired client can get IP address from router2 when it is pluged into either router's FE ports.

3. Wirless client can associate with the bridge connection, i.e. connected to the wirless bridge connection. (Weired! Can bridge work as a AP?)

4. Wireless client can't stably associate with WIC1 of either router, which is supposed to work as AP. A lot of authentication and deauthentication messages are flushing in the console. IP address can be leased, however, Ping was not successful.

My question is:

1. Why did this kind of problem happen?

2. How should i configure each WIC to achieve the set up of wireless client associate with AP and routers communicate through bridge?

3. Is my understanding on 3200 router wrong?

Thanks a lot for reply!

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