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Problem with Cisco Configuration Service


I've got a strange problem with Cisco Configuration Service. We are switching from ADU-EAP-FAST to Windows-Zero-PEAP (machine auth only). We are pushing out a GPO policy that switches wireless control over to Windows Zero and creates new windows zero wireless profile. This part works fine, but for some reason, on clients with latest ADU 4.5 machines, the Cisco Configuration Service (ccs.exe) doesn't understand that it should only be starting in monitor mode, and it's actually trying to connect right after logon. On older machines with ADU 2.5, it's not a problem, CCS.exe simply starts in monitor mode so we never see the Cisco pop-up.

I can't disabled CCS.exe service, because a different problem starts (and maybe someone knows solution to this one). With CCS.exe service disabled, it takes about additional 40-60 seconds for machines to login. The screens stays blue for extra 40-60 seconds before the regular desktop appears. If I enable CCS.exe service, this issue doesn't occur, it logs in quickly, but we are back to problem #1, the CCS.exe connection window pops-up trying to login with old EAP-FAST profile.

Anyone has any ideas how to resolve problem #1 or problem #2?



Re: Problem with Cisco Configuration Service

found solution for problem #2 with the long delay. Still disabling ccs service as before. The fix is to change GinaDLL parameter in registry for Winlogon from cscogina.dll to msgina.dll.

This introduces a small issue, I'll open another thread on this.

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