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New Member

Problem with EAP-SIM Authentication

Hi all

I have doing EAP-Sim authentication with WLC 5508, client mobile is samsung galaxy 2, Radius proxy (Car).

So, i get message from WLC (Debug) which show the message like mobile do not going authentication state. That will make the mobile do not authentication, so, i have attach file or log also. Then, if anyone know or any idea, please help me

Thanks alot

Please see my log in attach file

Cisco Employee

Problem with EAP-SIM Authentication

Your mobile phone is not responding to the EAP identity requests sent by the WLC so it looks like a misconfig on the phone.

Moreover, it seems that you configure your eap identity request timeout to be something like 2 minutes ? That's best reduced to something like 10 seconds or so.

New Member

Problem with EAP-SIM Authentication

Hi Nicolas

Thanks with your support, so, i may say that it is the first time to do EAP-SIM authentication but i may not sure that i have correct to do configuration also on mobile and wlc. Then, do you have any idea or recommend to share to me ?

Because right now, I do not know what is the problem and how to solve it at all.


Problem with EAP-SIM Authentication

The WLC acts as a authenticator and it doesn't care which EAP type you use. The WLC is a "pass through"

What radius server are you using ? Have you tested this with a client different from your tablet ?

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New Member

Problem with EAP-SIM Authentication


Well, what about client or mobile device ? which Eap-authentication to using? or it doesn't care also eap type also, correct?

We using Car Radius proxy.

Well, i will going to try with nokia.

Note: I may need some resarch or any document how to implement it such as WLC and mobile device

anyone have or can share, please help T_T

Best Regards

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