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Problem with WGB350 supporting multiVLAN functionality


I have a set up with 1 root bridge, many Nonroot bridges and many workgroup bridges.

I have 2 VLANs configured in the ROOT and NONROOT bridges one of 146.35.x.x network (native VLAN) and 172.16.x.x.

Now the nonroot bridges are BR350s, WGB are WGB350s and Root bridge is Aironet 1242.

The work group bridges are configured to function on ssid for VLAN 172.16.x.x (these WGBs allow being configured on only one ssid), Hence it losses connection with the root bridge when reliable multicast for WGBs is enabled in the root (as WGBs and the roots need to share the same native VLAN for this setting). However if this setting in the root is kept in disabled state the non roots loss association with the root and the clients connected to the WGB stop pinging.

Can anybody suggest how to configure these WGBs so that they support 172.16.x.x series vlan which is not the native VLAN.




Re: Problem with WGB350 supporting multiVLAN functionality

Cisco does not have a WGB that support VLANs but the WGB would only authenticate with the vlan that have the infrastructure SSID.

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Re: Problem with WGB350 supporting multiVLAN functionality

Yes, even I am starting to believe this.

However the same WGB350 works fine if I use Cisco BR350 as a root rather than a Cisco 1242, this is kinda confusing and forces me to think why there is a functionality difference between 2 boxes configured in the similar manner.

Also the other bothering part is, If I turn the "Reliable multicast for workgroup bridges" disabled, the WGB starts pinging which it should as the WGB is considered as the Client. But why should the Nonroot loss association with the root and say "lost authentication with the root"

Has anybody come across such a problem.

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