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Problem with WLC 4400 and LAP1524

Hi everyone,

Please we need some help.

Yesterday we have a big problem with our wireless infraestructure. For any reason our WLC4400 made a reboot(or something like that) and ours APs(1524) didn't connect again. We try to find the problem and find in the logs the message : "Controller time base status - Controller is out of sync with the central timebase". We don't know if this message have some relation with the reboot.

Another problem was the authentication of our AP. The APs doesn't authenticated to the WLC, we suppose that was because in the WLC the option of allow clients with dinamic IP enable automactly where the system restart and we have clients with static IP(DHCP Server). It's possible avoid to that feature enable automactly when the system reboot??

Can any help with this issue please.



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Re: Problem with WLC 4400 and LAP1524


First, please make sure your WLC is in time; any wireless infrastructure should be synchronize with a ntp server, first of all because the Ap´s and WLC use certificates to autenticate and register them. Make sure the mac of your MESH AP´s are in you mac-filtering.

Then, if you ap´s not register in your WLC, you can capture the output of the following commands:

- debug capwap events enable

- debug capwap errors enable

With this information, I´m sure we can help you 

Best regards.

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Re: Problem with WLC 4400 and LAP1524

Thanks Raul,

So it is possible that a problem in the synchronize create problems in the authetication and registering of the APs??? why happen this??? It is possible that the controller restart automatic by cause of  this problem in the syncronization??? we have all the mac of ours APs in the mac-filtering.

And what about the case of enable automatic dhcp to clients connection when the controller restart. Is there any way to avoid this situation??? We have clients with static IP and we need that they stay connecting all the time.


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Re: Problem with WLC 4400 and LAP1524


Thanks for the help.

Don't worry about the other problem. I think is a problem of configurations.


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