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Problem with WLC 4402 - MAC authentication

Hi all,

We are configuring the WLC for MAC filtering via a freeradius server.

When a client pc wants to authenticate through the WLC with the freeradius server,a shared secret is being transferred (configured in the WLC as ?radius server configuration?) instead of the MAC address of the client pc as a password (like it should be)

Very strange because this is a complete other behaviour as the Cisco AP1121G access point where the authentication with this freeradius server is working perfectly.

Is this a normal behaviour? Do I need to configure it otherwise?

Someone who can help me further?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,



Re: Problem with WLC 4402 - MAC authentication

To enable MAC filtering, go into the wlan and check 'MAC Filtering' under the layer 2 security. Locally configure clients by MAC address in the MAC Filters > New page. Otherwise, configure the clients on a RADIUS server. If you wish to configure them locally, go to 'Security' tab and then select 'MAC filtering' on the left side. From there enter the MAC address, and the WLAN you wish to provide them access, the interface, etc.Refer the following URL for more info

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