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Problems in getting connected with Wirelss LAN

Hi guys,

In our office we have a Cisco Linksys Access Point which is connected to a Netgear switch then to a Cisco 877w ADSL router.

| |

|________| ________ ___________

|Link Sys|<------------>|NetGear |<------>|Cisco ADSL |

|Acces pt| |Switch | |Router |

|________| |________| |___________|

For Authentication we are using MAC address filtering. At a time a max of 5 persons will be using the network.

While starting the day I face a hectic problem. Atleast it takes me 5-20 mins to get connected with our Lan network. The same

laptop takes few secs in my home when connecting to a Netgear wireless router.

Atleast I am restarting the system for 3-4 times in the morning, repairing, enabling & disabling the wireless network, refreshing the wireless network. I do and try all permutations and combinations to get connected with my wireless LAN.

Hope you guys can understand my problem. Help me guys. Waiting for your valuable suggestions.




Re: Problems in getting connected with Wirelss LAN


first of all MAC address filtering is NO real authentication method. Anyone can nowadays configure any valid MAC address for the wireless cards. So all I need is a wireless sniffer to grab ONE packet, extract the MAC, reconfigure my wireless card - and I am in.

By the way: someone doing exactly this would cause the described problems above to you.

So you should like to have encryption in place for the wireless like WPA, LEAP and so on.

Regarding your problem:

Have you performed a wireless site survey? Are you having enough coverage and also no other APs on the same channels?

Hope this helps


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Re: Problems in getting connected with Wirelss LAN

Site Survey... what is that how to do that?? Convergence...d't have any idea abt that. I am sitting hardly 5 meters away from the access point. No microwave or any other interference is in the middle.


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