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Profile Management

I am trying to setup the Aironet 350 and client 5.02 and want to beable to let the users change their profiles easily. eg Home and Office.

Is there a tool that lets you change profiles from an icon in the system tray eg like the orinoco cards. rather than having to go into the client and then select profiles and change it that way.

I cannot use the Auto profile function as we are using Leap and when enabled it will not let you place the profile into an Auto grouping.

Any idea's

Cisco Employee

Re: Profile Management

You can use auto-profile with leap. To do so you have to have a saved user name and password.

To configure this;

-- Click the "network Security" tab for te profile that has LEAP

-- Click the "configure " button next to the "LEAP" drop-down box

-- Select the "Use Saved Username and Password" bullet

-- And configure your username and password

Having done the above, the "Include Profile in Auto Profile Selection" check-box will now be selectable in the first screen of the profile, and this profile can now be auto-selected.

I don't consider this a security weakness, because a PC needs to be logged in before this screen can be accessed, and if its logged in ten LEAP will work without requiring user input anyway.

I am not aware of any capability to change profiles from the system tray, hopefully you will find the above convenient.

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