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Provision Failure: MEDIATION-4

Does anything know what the Mediation-4 error means in NCS?  Not having much luck searching for that.  Thanks!

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Provision Failure: MEDIATION-4

Well, I thought it may be something with snmp, and it turned out to be the case.  The community I had set up was not read/write, so changing that fixed it. 

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Provision Failure: MEDIATION-4

You can check audit on the controller if this issue still exist, this need to raise bug in NCS

Check and let me know.

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Provision Failure: MEDIATION-4

Hi Sridharan, Hi Nathan,

we have the same Problem.

Migration from WCS to NCS ver.1.1 - ok; Controller Wism1 ver.; Wism2 ver.

We want to move AP from Wism1 to Wism2 and get "Mediation-4 error".

In Template we have changed the IP and Hostname from the Wism1 to Wism2 for some AP.

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Re: Provision Failure: MEDIATION-4

Same here. Switching from 5500 WLC controller 1 ( to controller 2 (, a handful of APs will have none of it, they're happy to sit on controller 1 but it's as though controller 2 hasn't been told about them before so won't let them in.

We've had the same issue when both controllers were on, also with both on

The system works but it means that if controller 1 fails controller 2 will take on most of the APs, but not all.

Both controllers have enough licences to cope with all of our APs (200 controller 1, 175 controller 2, 200 WCS, we have 171 APs).


Whilst comparing configurations, screen by screen, between our two main controllers (only one of which will talk to the anchor right now, hence the compare job) I came across the following page:-

In the WLC GUI: SECURITY -> AAA -> AP Policies

In the WCS GUI: Configure -> Controllers -> {controller IP address} -> Security -> AAA -> AP / MSE Authorization

This contains a list of all the self-signed APs allowed to connect. In our case there were 31 on the first controller but only 12 on the second. I've now copied all of the missing ones from the first controller to the second. One of the APs that previously wouldn't run on controller 2 is now happy to run there. All were Aironet 1100 and 1230 series which had been converted from autonomous to lightweight.

Hope this helps someone.

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Provision Failure: MEDIATION-4

for me auditing controllers from NCS and fixing all mismatch by restoring values from controller fixed the same problem

Provision Failure: MEDIATION-4

Mediation-4 error occurs due to SNMP. Check your SNMP setting and try to reboot your NCS and WLC. Your problem may get resolved.

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