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Proxy Auto-Config

Working on a NAC deployment and cleaning up some legacy wireless issues. Currently, Guests are forced to hard-code their proxy configuration parameters. Honestly don't know why as this was deployed prior to my arrival. Trying to clean that up though.

I've now introduced a NAC 3350 Server into the mix. And an ASA5520 for that matter. The ASA guest-wireless interface forwards requests to my dhcp server. Rules on the guest-wireless interface permit dhcp, basic dns, proxy and esp/ah for IPSec VPN. The (Inband Virtual Gateway) NAC server has default rules for the unauthenticated role; basic dns, dhcp renew, proxy and esp/ah for IPSec VPN in the guest role. DHCP relay is disabled on the Wireless LAN Controller. WLAN is un-encrypted, unauthenticated. NAC handles all authentication.

After authenticating on the Wireless network, I need to close Internet Explorer and re-open to discover my proxy. Using a wired connection on the same untrust VLAN, I'm able to authenticate and pop-up another IE window with the desired URL. I do not need to close and re-open IE. How do I resolve my timing issue on the wireless side so proxy auto-config works?


Re: Proxy Auto-Config

This setup should work fine. I have a similar setup in my lab and have been using it without any issues. There could be a proxy script error or a config issue. Can you post the config of these devices so that we can troubleshoot further?

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