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proxy mobile IP on Cisco aironet 1100

Hi, I have problem with configuration proxy mobile IP on Cisco aironet 1100 with IOS version 12.2. I have read, that I need to set Authoritative AP to get subnet map where are ip addresses and subnet masks of the home agents. I have only one AP and I need to now if is possible to have Authoritative AP on the same one which support Proxy Mobile IP. If it's possible how can I set this subnet mask(home agent IP address and subnet mask)? Thanks

Tomas Turek


Re: proxy mobile IP on Cisco aironet 1100

Ofcourse, an AAP(Authoritative Access Point) can be enabled on AP in which a Proxy Mobile IP is enabled.

But your scenario is little confusing to me. You say there is only one Ap in your scenario. Here, how roaming is poaaible using proxy mobile IP?. Because, with proxy mobile IP feature, when a client moves from home network to foreign network, there should be another AP on the foreign network to do the proxy mobile IP for the visiting client. Otherwise, roaming will not occur seamlessly or it may not even be succesful.

Also, I dont understand what is the use of AAP here. AAP transfers subnet map table to other AP's. Can you reconsider your network design or explain me in detail regarding your Wireless setup. refer this link belowfor detailed information on Proxy Mobile IP.

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