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Question about Mobility Groups


we use 3 WLC4404. Two of them on location A (130 APs), the third on location B (40 APs). Both locations are connected via 10GE-MAN, and 10km away. Now one could say I could put the controllers of location A and location B into two different mobility groups. But if one WLC fails on Location A, one third of Location A APs connect to WLC on Location B. As result two thirds of Location A APs would be in another mobility group than the last third.

So, can I use different Mobility groups only, when a location has enough WLC-capacity to support all APs on that location?

And what about RF groups? Does this matter apply there too? I am currently unsure if I should let all three controllers run with all the same Mobility and RF group.


Re: Question about Mobility Groups

RF group, should be per location. RF groups, are for DCA adjustments, so if Location A and Location B radios can't hear each other, different RF groups are fine.

As for the Mobility, you can do cross mobility failover as of 4.2 and beyond, but you will need to specify the IP address of the management interface on a per AP basis. in 4.2 you can only do this from the CLI, and from 5.1/5.2, you can do this from the GUI.

But do keep in mind, that if you do cross mobility failover, the Layer 2 information needs to be reachable, i.e VLAN, subnets etc.



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