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Question of Compatibility ( hardware )


by way of intro I am the Technical Support Officer for the Northern Terrtory ( Australia ) Catholic Education Office.

I currently have a chance to put a wireless computer lab into a school in the remote.

My plan is to install a WAP4410n along with WMP300n PCI cards.

My problem is knowing whether the cards will have hardware compatibility problems with Dell Optiplex GX620 and 750 desktops.

Can someone help me out?


Re: Question of Compatibility ( hardware )

The only compatability problems I've ever run in to tend to come from CCX type options on the AP side (not supported on the Client) and/or some WLANs with multiple connection types (allowing WPA and WPA2 sometimes drives a client crazy).

Anyhow, given that the 4410 is part of the old linksys business unit, I'm not thinking it has all the bells and whistles of the WLAN Controllers. If the majority of your clients are the two you listed, I'm sure you can find a configuration that works flawlessly.

I've never run in to any compatability problems that couldn't be resolved by tweaking the AP config (or getting the client firmware up to date).

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