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Question on 802.11b channel assignments

I've got a remote site that has a total of 25 1131 access points under the control of a 4402 WLC. A few locations in the building (mostly where the heaviest use is), are reporting connection drops and slowness (connection speed changes several times).

I've been looking at the channel assignments. In one particular wing, for example, the two downstairs APs, which are at opposite ends of the hall, are channels 1 and 6. The floor above is has one access point, in the middle, which is also on channel 6. It's been a while since I've checked, but I think I can get at least some sort of signal upstairs in that area from the APs on the lower floor. Shouldn't the WLC have assigned channel 11 to one of those? What are the best options here? Should I force one to channel 11?

There's another wing in this same building that's like that, and I'm thinking it might not be as easy to fix. There's 4 APs in a relatively close area. Two are on channel 1, one on 6, and one on 11.


Re: Question on 802.11b channel assignments

The best thing to probably do is to let RRM handle the channel assignment.  Really I don't have enough info to say if using channel 11 is the right decision or not.  Just make sure you configure RRM to avoid other 802.11 and non-802.11 interference when making the channel selection.

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Re: Question on 802.11b channel assignments

Yes, that's what I'd rather do... what options should I be looking for when configuring RRM? I think everything is pretty much at the defaults now.

How does RRM handle 4 APs in close proximity?

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Re: Question on 802.11b channel assignments

There are good and bad with RRM and you just have to see if it works in your envoronment.  Allow RRM to run and take notes for the channel assignments.  Review the channel and see if the channels have changed and how often.  If you do see channel changing more than you wish, then maybe it is time to hard set the channels.  Channel planning can be hard or easy depening on your floor layout.  Another thing you can do is let RRM settle and then disable the auto channel feature and see if that helps.

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Re: Question on 802.11b channel assignments

Hey Dan & Scott,

Good answers here guys! +5 points each for your excellent

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